About us

Sunshine Ambulance Services Pvt Ltd is a leading healthcare transportation company dedicated to providing swift, reliable, and compassionate ambulance services. Established with a commitment to saving lives and ensuring the timely transfer of patients, our team of highly skilled professionals and state-of-the-art fleet sets us apart in the industry.

Management Team:

  • Ashok Tamoli (Founder and CEO): A visionary leader with a passion for healthcare, Ashok Tamoli spearheads Sunshine Ambulance Services with years of experience in emergency medical services. His commitment to excellence and patient-centric approach drives the company’s mission.

  • Deepak Chaudhary (Co-Founder and COO): Deepak Chaudhary, as the Chief Operating Officer, brings operational expertise and strategic vision to the organization. With a focus on efficiency and quality, he plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless service delivery.

24 hour service

8 years of experience

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Choosing Sunshine Ambulance Services: Your Assurance of Excellence

Discover why we are the preferred choice for healthcare transportation with our unwavering commitment to honest business policies and a comprehensive range of exceptional services:
1. Quality and Affordability in Harmony
2. Humanitarian Heart, Professional Hands:
3. Swift Solutions with a Heartbeat
4. Expertise that Counts
5. Infrastructure that Speaks Volumes
6. Network Beyond Limits
7. Legal Ease, Worry-Free Service
8. Client-Centric Excellence
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Basic Ambulance:

Swift response for immediate medical transport.

ICU Ambulance

Equipped with advanced life support systems for critical patients.

Neonatal Ambulance:

Specialized transport for newborns, ensuring their safety and well-being.

Air Ambulance:

Rapid and efficient air transport for critical cases.

Train Ambulance:

Inter-city transport services for patients via train.

Dead Body Ambulance:

Dignified and respectful transportation services.

Sunshine Ambulance Services: Connecting Care Across a Wide Network

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